Confidence for Men & Women

Just a few drops will empower you to conquer any situation in a positive and calm manner. Whether it’s a job interview, a public presentation, a first date, or your first sales pitch… you will cope with an air of calm attractiveness. It will decrease your cortisol levels and give you the confidence needed to face most situations. Our special formula is specifically designed to inhibit negative responses by stimulating the release of endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormones in your brain.

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Allure for Women

Specifically formulated for Women; to flood your immediate surroundings with a fragrance that intensifies and heightens your sex appeal… the most powerful weapon MEN will never see coming! Specific hormones are triggered to help you feel more attractive and decrease any social anxiety or uneasiness you may feel. Walk into any room and you will feel the difference. MEN will also feel an instinctive, powerful attraction to you and they won’t know why.

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Ignite for Men

Specifically formulated for Men; to flood your immediate surroundings with a fragrance that intensifies and heightens your sex appeal… Women will be drawn to you instantly by the instinctive scent that is exuded when wearing Ignite for Men! Specific hormones are triggered to help you feel more attractive and decrease any social anxiety or uneasiness you may feel. Walk into any room and you will feel the difference. Others will also feel an instinctive, powerful attraction to you and they won’t know why.

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Websites abound about being happy, finding love, eating healthy and exercising... all with one help you enjoy your life. With all of the technology to aid in making life easier, surprisingly it actually has the opposite effect. People are more stressed today than ever.

So besides the obvious about eating right, drinking water, getting enough sleep, and simplifying your life...what can you do to reduce your stress?

Pheromones.'ve probably heard them advertised as a sexual attraction tool. That's true too but first and foremost, they reduce cortisol levels...your stress hormone. And when you feel more relaxed and confident, you are naturally more sexually appealing.

So are they natural? Scientists have discovered how to mimic the effects that human pheromones have on individuals by using pure natural essential oils from plants. Our scientists here in North America and perfumers in France worked on wrapping pheromones in a fragrance. When rolled under the nose, your body interprets the fragrance as human pheromones, You simply feel more relaxed, more confident, and perhaps more sexually attractive. Others will sense it around you.

If you're feeling stressed and anxious then Confidence Pheromone Fragrance is what you need. If you need to put that sparkle back in your relationship or want to meet a new partner, then Allure for Women and Ignite for Men are our simple solutions for you.

It was our clients at our wellness centre who encouraged us to share this solution with others. They thought this secret was too good to be kept a secret. They know how these products have helped them in their lives. And we've seen how these products have helped them.

We believe in these products so much that we offer you a money-back guarantee if you don't experience any change in your life as a result of using these three products.

Who couldn't use a little Confidence in their lives? How about some Allure or Ignite? And yes...the secret is out.

100% guaranteed to work or your money back!